JansenHarris launches Thought Leadership piece to help brands navigate the ‘New, Never Normal’

As light begins to form at the end of the Coronavirus tunnel, JansenHarris launches a Thought Leadership piece called ‘New, Never Normal’, a concept that plays on the ‘new normal’, a term that’s come about during the 2020 pandemic. Exploring trends that have taken place during 2020, the in-depth document looks at four territories that make up the landscape of the new, never normal – evoke, enrich, empower and enable.

Helping brands navigate the new world post-pandemic, JansenHarris explains that people need reassurance, so brands need to evoke collective memories through the traditions they’ve shared with their customers. Another tip is that brands should create continuously enriching experiences that tease curiosity, connect to community and help them escape through imagination.

Within this new world, societal challenges can leave many with a sense of powerlessness. Therefore, brands need to become an empowering force in the world, by demonstrating authentic support for progress. And finally, brands should enable people with the confidence to act in the new world, driving people towards bold new actions.

Darien Harris, Founding Partner adds ‘It is key to restart with a spark: we can help brands navigate the New, Never Normal with a Spark workshop. This covers questions like ‘how can you consistently thrive in a world that’s never normal?’ and ‘how do you unite minds to overcome the new unknown?’ to name a few. An age that calls on brands to reconnect and reinvent on a community and societal scale, we are here to help brands bring purpose into every moment that empower, enable, comfort, and reassure their communities. For the past decade, we’ve gone beyond to build brave brands by creating the stories and experiences that shape them. Rapid, iterative, agile in the way we work – join us on a journey of discovery to design your future in the new never normal.’

This is not the only thing the team at JansenHarris have been working on. During the summer of 2020, Darien and Viki confirmed the opening of their London office, headed up by two new partners, Dustin Lawrance (ex Landor, Brandpie) and Claire Stuart (ex venturethree, Saffron). Together, the two branches will cater to all brand related services from positioning a company or service to realising ambitions and creating a compelling identity to build a brand to designing connected experiences that make strategy, reality and activating brands to empower innovation and engage audiences. Having worked with a mix of local and international brands from Marriott International and Emirates Leisure Retail to Amstel and Siemens, JansenHarris has now been awarded 43 Brand and Design Awards, including Transform, Lynx, Graphis, WOLDA and Loeries.